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Developed by us and manufactured in Switzerland from the best materials.

The ISOLA Net 1.0 has been tested X times in the harshest weather conditions in nature.

It is the perfect companion for anyone who loves fishing and always wants to have a reliable net at hand.

The wooden handle is elaborately handcrafted from fine and robust European robinia wood in carpentry St. Jacob Foundation manufactured in Zurich.

Thanks to its foldable function made of special stainless spring steel with a memory effect, this landing net can be folded down to a minimum size and stored compactly.

The odorless, rubberized net reduces the risk of hooks getting caught and offers sufficient net depth of 50 cm to safely land even large fish. It is also gentle on fish and does not cause damage to the scales.

The unique ultralight design of the holster allows the net to dry quickly and attach to a wading belt, regular belt or even a backpack.

Thanks to the rubberized stainless steel cord with carabiner, accidental loss of the net is prevented.

You no longer have to go around annoying bushes or swing it on your back.

If you catch the catch of your life, you don't need to be nervous because you always have this net at hand.

Even after two years in the basement, this network springs back to its original size at the crucial moment and is at your side.

The Isola team has already landed trout weighing over 5 kg and up to 70 cm long with it.

Usage notice:

DANGER! When unfolding the net, be sure to keep it away from your body and head to avoid injury.

For optimal storage when not in use, especially in the cold winter months, we recommend storing the net unfolded to relieve pressure on the spring steel.

Included in the delivery are:

  • Wooden handle with net
  • Holsters
  • Rubberized stainless steel cord and carabiner
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