On our first fly fishing adventure together on beautiful Lake Sils, we fell in love with a small peninsula called ISOLA. It all started there and is still a place of enthusiasm and euphoria for us today. What makes ISOLA so special for us is not the fact that we caught the most or biggest fish there. Rather, it is the harmony with nature and the priceless beauty of the mountains and rivers that characterize the landscape.

For us, fly fishing is much more than just fishing for fish for the frying pan or the trophy above the fireplace. The feeling of outsmarting a fish with a self-made fly rod, a self-tied fly and the self-developed insulation net is simply indescribable. If you are still in the great outdoors and can experience nature up close, this moment becomes a moment of pure happiness.

With this feeling we founded our company and are passionately dedicated to fly fishing and the products associated with it. All the products we sell have been personally tested by us and found to be first class.


    He knows how to hold a camera from professional skating and snowboarding, and film editing is his superpower. For him, there is never a bad day for fishing, and when it comes to choosing a spot, he has already marked the best spots on the map.

    His favorite fly: Black Ghost


    As a trained boat builder, he considers the water to be his favorite element and started fly fishing at the age of 10. He ties the perfect flies for every body of water, and he can live out his perfectionism in product development for Isola.

    His favorite fly: Big Daddy Longlegs.


    As a dental technician, he has a lot of sensitivity and in his free time he builds our unique Isola fly rods. You'd get through any situation with him, and he's never been in a bad mood.

    His favorite fly: Baese Elk Hair Caddies.


    Freddy is there on almost all of our adventures and helps out diligently. Miles is its proud owner and together we form an unbeatable team that overcomes every challenge with enthusiasm and passion.

    His favorite fly: A large piece of wood